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About Me

Asher is looking good at the O2 lounge in Fort Collins.

Me at the O2 Lounge

Uh, *ahem* testing… 1, 2, 3. Is this on? Okay, okay, enough with the beating around the microphone. My name’s Asher, and I’m here to help you learn programming. So who the heck am I? Well, first I’m a white gay male in his twenties (for now) who has no job and hasn’t had one for two years. At my last job my career chasing alter ego was a technology paraprofessional at the elementary school I attended as a child. I loved working with all of the kids from kindergarten to fourth grade. It was pretty awesome sometimes, and other times it was kind of frustrating but all in all it was a good experience.

I was a professional programmer for a brief period of time, working at a financial printing statement shop using C, BASH, SQL, and PostScript. While I was there I implemented a way to incorporate graphics into financial statements while at the same time reducing gigabytes of overhead and getting it to run twice as fast. But don’t be too fast to call me a geek, ha ha. Before that I was an insurance agent! Oh wait, that doesn’t help my case.

Asher is much younger in this picture.

How Old Am I?

I grew up on a ranch on the edge of a semi-rural town, and in my youth my chores included chopping wood and hauling water for animals. I raised swine and sheep for 4-H and sold them at a fair three towns away. I loved video games (and I enjoy them today) and dreamed of working for the Nintendo Hotline, and then being a game designer. Today I still come up with ideas for short movies and computer games, but I don’t know if I’ll ever see them to a reality. Maybe someday right?

I went to college for six weeks before I stopped going as it just wasn’t for me. Because of that I’ve never really learned higher math beyond pre-calculus (or even trigonometry). My physics class was trigonometry based, not calculus based, so that’ll tell you something… if you’re a geek. Ha ha.

So I’m just a semi-rural high school graduate who taught himself programming all on his own. I never had a mentor or a programming class in my life and learned everything I know from both books, and later the internet. So yes, starting from small roots at the innocent age of seven I picked up the manuals that came from the passed down TRS-80 Color Computer II, hooked the dang machine up to an old TV in the drafty attic, attached the magnetic tape deck drive and started down my path of computer wizardry. Before I knew it I had it plucking out the theme song to Top Gun.

Asher makes a funny face.

There’s A Little Cap’n In Me

I can’t necessarily say I was hooked, I would say as an adult I definitely do not have an obsession over programming, in fact I wouldn’t even say it was my true passion, but it’s something I can do and that I enjoy so that’s what I got. On top of that three years ago I was in a 36 hour coma due to a medication overdose where I got some mild brain damage (I’m serious!) so, I have trouble following large abstract concepts very well… which kind of hinders the programming a bit and I stopped doing it professionally for now.

My point in all of this is that anyone can learn to program, and program well. Think of me as your male Julia Child guiding you through the murky world of bits and bytes. It’s not just for geeks, or intelligent people (although I was voted most likely to succeed and I was the top male in my class)… no, it’s for artists, musicians, athletes, young, old, worldly, bikers, socialites, and any walk of life. Learning about how computers work and how to program only prepares you to understand and enjoy more of our modern life. I’m here to help you do it.

“Fortune favors the brave.” ~ Publius Terence

More About Me

Asher shows off a train cake he made.

The Evil Train Cake

I have a partner of nine years. He’s a culture buff. Through him I have learned about the world of higher culture and arts nationally and in the local area. I’ve met many artists, mostly singers, and it’s pretty enlivening.

I like to bake things, so I bake cakes (particularly bundt cakes), and cookies. Cooking’s alright too, but not as cool as making sweets. Someday I want to open a cookie and baking shop.  I also play the piano, not like a pro, but I play Bach inventions for myself, and Beatles songs.

I used to live in the town I grew up in, with my parents really. Don’t worry, I don’t live in the basement nor spend all my time on the internet every day, but that’s just the way it is these days with the economy and… you know, not having a job.  Now however I live in Old Town Fort Collins, within walking distance of everything downtown.  It’s great!  I’m glad I was able to finally move to Fort Collins.

Willy gives a high five to a kid in Fort Collins Old Town.

High Five’s Are Awesome

One of the things I like to do is dress up in self-made animal costumes and entertain people at random.  I video tape and post everything on YouTube.  It’s a lot of fun.  So much fun in fact that I have a whole blog devoted to it even though I have a gallery page here as well.  That blog resides here, go there now and check it out!  Costumes FC was the name of my previous fursuiting project, while Larry The Lab Rat is the name of my current fursuiting project. (YouTube)

I’ve posted quite a few pictures of me throughout this article, but I actually have a whole gallery on here. I didn’t think everybody would want to see so many pictures of me unless they were really interested in me.  You should be able to find the gallery links on the right sidebar underneath the main menu.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!  I always enjoy meeting friendly new people.  It’s good for my mental health.