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Old Writing: Machdemons: Invasion Two Part 2

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series MachDemons

This is a story I wrote a long time ago that was never finished much like “Secret of Magic”  I called it MachDemons: Invasion Two.  It’s pretty outlandish and tries to establish a little world in such a short space.  It also has some moments of bad writing (ed: moments? ha).  Here goes part 2:

A single black dragon, who appeared as if he had some kind of armor on, or just long flat scales, rose up from the city. There was a red glow around him as he approached Kendor. His face got very close to Kendor’s body, who stood strong. There was a flame in the dragon’s eyes, then he whispered as quiet as a dragon could get, afraid to hear the words himself, “There is no Dragoon Brigade.”

They both heard a very loud scraping sound, when they turned to the left they saw a large boulder on the nearest plateau had just been pushed off. Then where the boulder used to be little gray dots in the distance formed. They wre bustling about as more of them appeared over the horizon line. Like a swarm of bugs the MachDemons had arrived, they had little time left.

Kendor was dizzy but blurted out, “No Dragoon Brigades…”

“What are they saying?” Gregory strained to try to hear the words of the dragon and the wizard but they were speaking too sofly. However, when he turned to Rugayolos he noticed he wasn’t paying attention at all, but looking towards a distant plateau. He followed his gaze and then he was affixed to the incoming MachDemon swarms. He stood there frozen, in the storm of rain he didn’t hear the humming of the MachDemons.

There were the smaller gray dots bustling about, but then a larg emetal ball, twice as tall as a human, rolled up on top of the plateau, and rolled down the hill. A couple more balls like this rolled down the side of the plateau towards the wall of the capitol. Guards on the ramparts and in the streets were zooming about forming brigades. Rugayolos and Gregory were still watching the plateau. An even bigger ball rolled up on the plateau that made both of them gasp, it was at least five times bigger than the other balls. What started as a trickle of bustling dots of gray was now a cloud of gray quickly coming towards the castle. The first three smaller metal balls rolled up near the entrance of the town, the portcullis and drawbridge, plus hallway full of archer holes which were put in in case of attack. They just sat there, the guards poured hot oil on them, but nothing happened. Then the big ball rolled up in the middle of the three smaller balls, which had formed a triangle. The three smaller balls rolled under the bi one as if to torm three wheels. Then it rolled right up to the barricaded wooden doors into the hallway.

Atruious had been watching this ordeal from Sir Gregorious’ room when he lost sight of the balls. He ran down the stairs ad out into the courtyard, he had to find out what was going on with Kendor and the dragon. He ran out of the courtyard whose portcullis was closing, so he barely made it out. There were soldiers everywhere, but that was better than the civilians that could be there. The human city’s army had grown as soldiers from other armies whose troops had retreated came to the capitol. Wading through the commotion of which the last time he saw so much was when the King got married, he got to the tower Kendor and the dragon were on top of and began to climb it. It was another lucky thing he had picked up that feather weight spell while he was studying Draconian, his body was practically weightless.

He got to the top of the tower amidst the rain and the wind about to blow him off up there, he was light as a feather after all. He couldn’t stand on top of the tower, otherwise he’d be blown away completely but hand on below. He looked to the wizard but was shocked to see an upset and distressed look on his face. The dragon had lowered his head. Atruious shouted, “What is it?”

The dragon looked at him, the fire dead in his eyes, and said as meekly as a dragon can, “There is no Dragoon Brigade.” Atruious was so shocked fell off the tower. It WAS a good thing he was feather weight.

The giant metal ball started to shake on top of the other three when what seemed like a door opened in front of it. Black metal gardgets protruded out from the inside of the ball. There were two arm like devices that extended out towards the doors. Soon the guards on the other side of the door and the archers in their proper places behind the archer holes of the hallway could hear a grinding noise and saw the doors shaking. All of a sudden, making the guards jump back, two black metal sticks of some kind poked through the wood. They stopped spinning for a second, but then hooks facing the door in a circle around the stick popped out. The black metal sticks, which the soldiers did not know were drills, pulled backwards and ripped the doors clean off. To the soldiers dismay the doors flew away as the drills popped off the arm into the windy air, exposing the giant metal balls behind it. Some of the guards had seen the MachDemons in action before but some hadn’t and it was these that probably ran into the barracks, which had a secret passage back into the castle.

Kendor turned to where Atruious had been and leaped off the tower gliding down onto the ground where Atruious had luckily landed. He pulled him off his feet, “They’ve broken into the front hallway. Tell Tugayolos and Gregory, and godspeed with you.” With that the wizard zipped down the street and around the corner, a blur to Atruious soaked eyes. How could such an old man move so fast? Ah yes, magic of course.

Atruious ran towards the entrance into the bowels of the city, where the sewer, civilian hideouts, and switch were located. There he saw Rugayolos and Gregory lost in their own worlds of thought looking at the plateau.

“Rugayolos, Gregory!”

They snapped out of it, and a little dazed, looked at Atruious. Atruious started spewing out words as fast as they came to his mouth, “They have gotten into the front hallway, we’re in trouble the dragons, no brigade, the Dragoons, got into the front hallway, Kendor’s having trouble, what are we, there’s no Dragoon Brigade!”

Rugayolos was shocked, “No Dragoon Brigade?”

Gregory was even more scared than before, perhaps he had blundered with that ultimatum?

Rugayolos was instantly furious for some reason, “What happened to it?”

“I have no idea, but the MachDemons are breaking into the front hallway, Kendor sent me to tell you,” Artuious felt the need to defend himself for some reason.

Rugayolos and Gregory both said, “We’re on it.” And all three of them ran towards the front hallway.

The littler balls had rolled into the hallway, the archers were shooting arrows like crazy but they just bounced off the ball. Then two of the balls were at either end of the hallway when they stopped, started to shake and opened up too. Two pincers came out of either one and started to try to grab the guards one at a time. The guards were slashing at the insides and at the arms of the balls with their swords, but appearing to be doing minimal damage. Then one of the guards was caught. Ht got pulled into one of the balls, but luckily he was saved by a fellow comrade with good timing, because as the ball was confused for a split second another soldier jammed a sword up into a hole he handn’t really seen. The ball suddenly started to make sizzling sounds and the guard started to shake pretty hard. Then lightning arched across the ball to the guy, which blasted him back and the ball’s grayness was now black and the pincers dead. However the soldier who was electrocuted had also died. There were still two more balls, and an even bigger giant ball.

Over the plateau came what looked like a giant box with something small down and in the front. If the large ball was big, this was HUGE, easily as tall as the city wall if not taller. From that distance though nobody was sure what it was for, but it was moving slowly.

The wizard Kendor arrived at the front hallway, through the secret passage in the barracks since the portcullis was closed. When he got there he could see the man dead and the chaos of soldiers trying to damage the balls but dodge them at the same time. He noticed one of the balls was blackened and not moving, did they destroy it? He knew exactly what to do, since the large ball hadn’t moved yet from the outside and he didn’t want it to move. He shot is hand forward with his palm facing what used to be the door, his other arm behind his head in the same formation except elbow bent. Then he reversed hand positions sending a large ball of magical energy towards the opening. The magical energy dissipated at the opening forming a magical shield like the one that used to be around the Dragon City, and with perfect timing too as the first of the MachDemons appeared in front of the door. However, none were able to get in because of the barrier, the wizard had succeeded!

Rugayolos and Gregory arrived right as Kendor cast his second speell. He made that same formation with his hands, then aimed towards the second careening ball and shot another large ball of magical energy. This time this one dissipated around the ball creating a dome it couldn’t get out of.

“Thank god we have Kendor,” Gregory sighed.

“Yes, but let’s just thank god he doesn’t run out of magical energy like he did battling Dronnos.” Rugayolos responded.

“But of course.”

Then the dome plus the ball disappeared and the soldiers a little dazed cheered. Rugayolos came up to the side of KEndor, “Old friend, what is this about there not being a Dragoon Brigade?”

“I’m not sure yet, but Jindo the Black Dragon who you know is the only dragon who has befriended me, told me there is no Dragoon Brigade,” the wizard sighed after so many spells at once. That first major spell drained him pretty good, but he was still fightin’ strong.

“Where did that ball go?” Gregory asked.

“I sent it to mmy laboratory encased within the magic shield so I can study it. This magic shield on the front door should hold pretty long and they won’t be able to get in, but I can’t keep it there forever. That’s why I didn’t put one up before, also because I was concentrating on that spell we had planned Rugayolos.”

“I see, can we come with you to the secret laboratory, or must you do this work alone?” Rugayolos asked a little sheepishly, even to an old friend.

“But of course you can, I may need the extra hands. For now, the city should be safe.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

More to come!



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