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Old Poetry: Life By The Sacred

This entry is part 6 of 89 in the series Old Poetry

As I wrote before, this is one in a series of poems spanning several years.  Some of these aren’t my best writing (I wrote some of them ten years ago), and some are just to angsty, but here they are.

Copyright 2001 Asher H.

Power tree grown from roots discarded,

Thrown away pathways of dead ends run,

Nexus blackened from the ash of indomitable fire,

Dead cold fantasy sparkling purity in origin,

Michela born ethereal push to the heavens,

Locked stars aglow with life energy,

Suffering in myriads alone so far away,

Faster paced algorithmic driving optimized,

Efficiency digs a hole through the shell of ethereality,

Under the traffic through the stars,

Lay almost gone in disrepair,

With thoroughness therein lies,

God fucked you all and died.

(See I told you it was angsty.)

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